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  • Procut is giant game player machine in Indian fabrication industry. Huaheng has designed heavy structural buildup quality to ensure that machine could perform wide customer application and tedious cutting jobs. Wide range of tool attachments like marking tools, punching and drilling devices, strip-cutting attachments provide enormous flexibility, which can serve Indian market needs.
  • The precise machine guideways and positive bilateral longitudinal drives provide high cutting accuracy and contouring precision with effective motion.
  • Whether you chose Oxy-Fuel, Underwater, Plasma cutting process (with Air, Oxygen and HD plasma). Whether it is straight or Bevel cutting Procut offers you wide range of effective CNC cutting solution. This system widely used in industries such as shipbuilding, heavy industry, engineering equipment, etc.
  • >> Considering customer needs and tool attachments working width can be reach up to 7200 mm.
  • >> Balanced and rigid structure of gantry and guide ways support to achieve batter cutting quality
  • >> Straight supporting guides give smooth and precise cuts
  • >> With the most modern CAD tools machine can achieve dynamic profile control and Karf control, which provide optimum material usage.
  • >> High performance AC drives provide high speed and acceleration with precision.
  • >> Increased productivity through highest acceleration and positioning speeds
  • >> User-friendly system that is easy to operate and handle.
  • >> Available with HYPERTHERM, VICTOR, KJELBERG power source
  • >> Possible to achieve precise hole cutting accuracy
  • Items Specification
    Effective cutting width A (mm) A= B-800mm
    Track width B (mm) 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000
    Overall width C (mm) C= B+1000mm
    Max. rapid speed 12000 mm/min (standard)
    24000mm/min (optional)
    Cross-over point excursion ±0.5mm
    Circularity ±0.5mm
    Diagonal deflection ±0.5mm
    Linearity ±0.2mm
    Repeat bearing accuracy ±0.2mm
    Oxyfuel Multi torches (Optional) For Strip cutting Available
    Max 2 Plasma Torch Available
    Suitable Power source Air Plasma, Oxygen Plasma, High Definition Plasma.

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