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  • The EasyCut CNC cutting system is a heavy-duty small size CNC cutting system for metal sheet cutting. The system consists of gantry, X-axis for torch travel, Y-axis for gantry driving, plasma cutting system, oxy-fuel cutting system, integrated controller and so on. The machine could be set up with plasma cutting/oxy-fuel cutting, plasma + oxy-fuel cutting, and strip cutting , to cover all commonly occurring materials and tasks. Fast and easy installation make it cost effective overall with Easy cut you will achieve good quality with reasonable investment .The installation of this machine is fast and easy, which saves costs and gets you into production.
  • >> Short lifts between cuts: higher productivity
  • >> Heavy track construction, which maintains accuracy
  • >> Includes an offline programming package: no hidden extras; efficient nesting without stopping production
  • >> Global Control is a user-friendly, color touch screen control, 15”
  • >> Simple HMI for easy operation.
  • >> Multi-language selection, i.e. Chinese, English, French, Russian Portuguese.
  • >> Twin-side longitudinal rack and pinion drive for accurate, reliable performance
  • >> Can take up to four torches (maximum three oxyfuel and one plasma) for higher productivity
  • >> Laser Pointer
  • Items Specification
    Effective cutting width A (mm) A=B-500
    Track width B (mm) 2600, 3100, 3600
    Overall width C (mm) C=B+650
    Track length 5m, 7.5m, 10m, 12m, 15m,
    Working length Track length -1500mm
    Max. rapid speed 6000 mm/min
    Cross-over point excursion ±0.5mm
    Circularity ±0.5mm
    Diagonal deflection ±0.5mm
    Linearity ±0.2mm
    Repeat bearing accuracy ±0.2mm
    Power source Suitable Any Air Plasma from 45 Amp To 125 Amp
    Rail Type T9 rail

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