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  • The pipe welding tool series system is used for welding pipe to pipe, pipe to flange, pipe to elbow, pipe to tee etc. It can realize the pipe automatic centering, automatic (manual) clamping, and stable rotation by means of patented headstock technology. It can be used for automatic processing of root pass, filling pass, and cap pass, in cooperation with arc voltage controller (AVC), monitor and so on.
  • >> Easy load and unload by open design
  • >> Avoid axial jumping during the rotation
  • >> Avoid radial jumping during the rotation
  • >> Motor-driven three-jaws clamping, automatic centering to minimized labor intensity
  • >> AC servo motor driven, large speed adjustment, quick response, high accurate
  • >> Gear/sprocket drive for high transmission efficiency, big load ability to adapt to poor working conditions.
  • Item KB230 KB370 KB500 KB630 KB760
    Rotation Speed (Servo control) 3.7r/min 4.3r/min 3.5r/min 2r/min 2.26r/min
    Maximum Torque 2500N.m 2900N.m 7000N.m 20000N.m 20000N.m
    Welding Diameter φ34~φ230mm φ114~φ370mm φ219~φ500mm φ60~φ630mm φ219~φ760mm
    Payload 550kg 1300kg 3000kg 5000kg 5000kg
    Motor Power 1.3KW 1.3KW 3.0KW 4.4KW 4.4KW
    Rotation Center Height 600mm 780mm 950mm 1190mm 1280mm
    Dimension 550×440×830 774×500×1135 1000×630×1420 1750×1200×1945 2100×1090×2140
    Clamp Method motor-driven motor-driven motor-driven servo motor driven manual

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