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  • This track welding system is made for big pipe to pipe welding. The system is made up of torch angle swinging part, torch fixing part, back protective gas hood, gas hood lifting part, wire feeding frame, camera monitoring system and electric sliding part. The torch fixing part is made by high temperature resistant insulation material, insuring longtime working and integrated with circuit water and protective gas channels. The inner protective gas hood is made up of stainless steel, with water cooling function. Its connection part with torch is isolated by insulation material, which can effectively protects the weld's root and external while doing groove welding.
  • Application: Thick work-piece in industries of nuclear plant, chemical, boiler, valve, shipbuilding, motor rotor, and so on.
  • >> Suitable for bevel width less than 9mm narrow bevel welding
  • >> Make both sides completely welding by moving of tungsten
  • >> High deposition efficiency, low heat input
  • >> Welding method: Horizontal, vertical and orbital welding
  • >> Special 5-channel water cooling, high duty cycle
  • >> Double gas protection, ensure weld quality
  • >> Convenient to change and maintain consumable parts, less consumables and low cost
  • >> Suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel base alloy and titanium alloy.
  • Bevel type
    U, J type
    Tube Thickness (mm) 
    Bevel Width (mm)
    Max Current (A)
    Max Wire Feeding Speed(mm/min)
    Wire Diameter (mm)
    Protective Gas
    Ar 99.99%
    Weight (kg)

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