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  • I Orbital 4000 distributed orbital welding power source is an automatic programmable power source designed by Huaheng Welding Co., Ltd. adopting the world’s most advanced technology. This power source is composed of the three following items: power system and control, water cooling tank and integrated truck. This power source has the characteristic of advancement, digitization, intellectualization, generality, reliability and easy to operate. PC control is adopted for the control system. It is an open and upgradable 32 digits embedded operating system. The power source has an industrial PC with DSP chip inside which make the entire welding process very user friendly. This power source is designed for tube/tube, tube to tube/sheet welding. It could be used with all TC products, TOK products, TOA products, TP060/TP040 welding head and external wire feeding machine that manufactured by Huaheng Welding Co., Ltd. It could also be used together with GTX products and other special projects system through upgrade. It usually applies in the tube/tube, tube to tube-sheet welding of chemical industry, food industry, medical industry, electric pipeline, all sorts of heat exchangers, engineering machinery, boiler, military industry and nuclear power industry.
  • >> Adopts Windows embedded operating system, easy to operate.
  • >> Easy to save and replace welding procedure programs. 999 programs of different welding parameters could be stored.
  • >> Step rotation for current and wire feeding.
  • >> 20 levels and the parameters could be changed according to technology requirements. Real time AVC is adopted and three tracking modes which are: peak-value tracking, base value tracking, peak-value and base-value tracking.
  • >> Memory function of parameter adjusting is adopted. Easy to store and display the adjusted parameter during the process of welding
  • >> Simulation function is provided during the process of welding. Easy to discover the disadvantages in the actual welding process in advance.
  • >> Real time display for the controller. User could view all kinds of states during the process on the controller. The OSC speed, OSC center, OSC width, current and other welding parameters could be adjusted anytime during the process of welding to meet special requirements.
  • >> Time and angle switch can be realized.
  • >> Arc ignition current and arc retraction current settings.
  • >> Simple programming interface and welding technology control. Easy to operate.
  • >> Welding voltage/current/distance/degree real time display. Easy to realize automatic attenuation.
  • >> Precisely setting for the distance between the tungsten electrode and work-piece. Touch-lift value setup. Two types of arc ignition: high frequency arc ignition and touch-lift arc ignition. Choose one type through programming.
  • >> Equipped with water cooling system to make sure the system operates continuously.
  • >> Improved failure detection intelligent control.
  • >> Chinese/English interface
  • >> Optional off-line programming software is available.
  • Type Inverter
    Welding Current 5A to 400A
    Duty Cycle(20℃) 400A, 60% and 310A, 100%
    Open Circuit Voltage 80V
    Input Voltage 415V±15%
    Frequency 50Hz
    Power 34 KW
    Power factor 0.98
    Recommended power distribution box 50 KVA
    Work period 10 minutes
    Insulation Protection F/IP21S
    Working Temperature -10°C to 40°C
    Power source cooling Fan
    Welding head cooling Water/Coolant
    Display Industry PC, 7” Industrial touch screen
    Program storage 200
    Programmable sections/levels 20
    Control Function Gas control
    Current control
    Rotation control
    Wire feeding control
    Failure detection intelligent control
    Internal Memory 4GB
    Print Integrated printer
    Water Pump Head 30m/0.3Mpa
    Water Tank Volume 15 L
    Weight (without refrigerant) 110Kg
    Appearance/Dimensions 1081mm×990mm×455mm
    Transportation and storage temperature -25°C to 55°C
    Manufacturing Standards GB15579-2004 IEC60974
    Class of electric-magnetic compatible A

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