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  • Construction machinery, mining machinery has big demanding of hydraulic cylinders, it is widely used in wheel loaders, excavators, truck cranes, forklifts, concrete mixtures and so on. This mechanized welding system is mainly for welding the circumferencial seams on the hydraulic cylinders.
  • Job information:

  • Length:L=180-3000mm
  • Diameter:φ70-φ600mm
  • Material:27SiMn、45#、16Mn etc
  • Welding Process: There are mainly two types of joint connection for hydraulic cylinder's circumferencial seam welding; one is plug in butt to butt, and the other one is plug in angle joint. Therefore according to the structure features of hydraulic cylinder, as well as the welding quality and efficiency, the pulse MAG welding process is suggested.
  • >> The material of hydraulic cylinder is carbon steel or low carbon alloys, easy for welding, in order to have higher stable puddle transition, less spatter, it suggests MAG welding process, the welding speed is mostly 300~500mm/min
  • >> Advanced welding parameter expert database
  • >> Welding gas suggests rich argon, about 80~82% argon and 18~20% CO2
  • >> Wire Specification:ER50-6, φ1.2mm
  • >> Depends on customer requirements, some hydraulic cylinders need pre-heating before welding

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