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  • The machine is specially used for rough grinding, fine grinding, hairline and mirror polishing of the inner and outer surfaces of dish heads. Machine also use for internal and external surfaces of tanks, shell , longitudinal and circumferential welds. Different types of grinding heads can be designed according to requirements, and various stainless steel tanks, pressure vessels, etc. can be ground and polished by using abrasive belts, chiba wheels, fiber wheels, and hemp wheels.
  • >> Stainless steel tank for food and chemical industry
  • >> Medical disinfection cabinet, filter
  • >> Cylinder body and head of various gas cylinders
  • >> Inside and outside welds of pipe ends of various large-scale conveying pipes
  • >> The internal and external surfaces of nuclear reactors and similar high-pressure heavy vessels are polished.
  • >> Grinding of inner and outer longitudinal and circumferential welds of nuclear reactors and similar high pressure heavy vessels and cleaning of weld roots
  • >> Used in chemical, food, biological, water treatment, pharmaceutical, dyeing and finishing, pressure vessels and other fields
  • Items Specification
    Horizontal polishing length
    ≤3000mm (turn around can reach 6000mm)
    Vertical polishing length
    Stainless steel 304,316
    Polishing area
    Shell and dish-end /cone
    Surface roughness of processed workpiece
    Ra: ≤0.1um

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