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  • This system is specially designed for tube to flange TIG welding. It can do single position welding or orbital welding, joint or angle welding, with fusion, wire feeding or wire feeding after self-fusion. It canbe placed vertical or horizontal. Support equipment: i-Arc400 Programmable Orbital Welding Power Source. Application: Special tube to tube and tube to flange in locomotive, engineering machinery.
  • >> Pneumatic clamping design, convenient and efficient, precisely positioning to ensure the work-piece stable fixed on the platform
  • >> Quick and convenient positioning, no wire wrapping required before welding, reduce preparation time
  • >> Optional to choose with/without wire feeding
  • >> Water circuit cooling torch for long time working.
  • Material Carbon steel, stainless steel
    Tube OD(mm) Φ17~Φ76
    Tungsten Diameter(mm) Φ2.4、Φ3.2
    Rotation Speed(rpm) 0.1~3.29
    Torch Angle 0º~45º
    Protective Gas Ar
    Cooling Water
    Cooling Flow(ml/min) ≥600
    OSC Width(mm) 40
    AVC Height(mm) 40
    Wire Diameter(mm) Φ1.0(standard)
    Max Wire Feeding Speed (mm/min) 1800
    Weight(kg) 290
    Dimension(mm) 700×640×1760

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