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  • HUAHENG3015 Fibre laser Cutting Machine is a high quality & high-efficiency cutting expert. This machine also integrated with high feature control system and rigid mechanical structure. It is several times higher than conventional lasers. Besides that, there are also numerous advantages such as high accuracy, high speed, high reliability, fine beam quality, low overall cost, high compactness, user-friendly etc. HUAHENG3015 is manufactured according to ISO8206 (DIN EN 8206) and its cutting quality meets ISO9013.
  • >> Compact, rugged and easy to install
  • >> Low energy consumption(70% lower than CO2 laser)
  • >> Small focus over large working distance
  • >> Fibre delivery No laser gas removing required, simple optical path system
  • >> High cutting capability on high reflective materials like copper/red copper due to fibre laser’s high absorptivity of carbon steel and copper. Its absorptivity can be 3-4 times higher than CO2 laser.
  • >> Collimator and focus lens are both equipped with water cooling system, which ensures up to 4KW laser power output with common torch.
  • >> Knob type focus adjustment, high precision and flexibility. Adjustment range: 15mm Accuracy: 0.5mm
  • >> Low operation cost
  • >> Easy to operate, Modular design, convenient replacement of parts
  • >> Maintenance-free Operation.
  • >> Air-conditioned power source handling equipment increase machine life and reduce breakdowns.
  • Items Specification
    Type Fibre laser Cutting Machine
    Mechanical Structure Light and solid gantry structure, qualified for high cutting precision and performance.
    Driving Unit
    (Longitudinal and transverse motion)
    Rugged dual-side longitudinal pinion and rack driving with Fuji servo motor System
    Work table area 3000*1500mm/4000*2000mm/6000*2000mm
    Maximum running Speed 57000 mm/min
    X-Y coordinated Maximum Speed 80000 mm/min
    Z-axis Maximum Speed 30000 mm/min
    Maximum Acceleration 0.6 G
    Positioning Acc. 0.005 mm
    Cutting Acc. 0.02 mm
    Cutting finish ISO9013
    Machine Gross Power 2KW
    Running Temperature 0º C - 65º C
    Pallet Changer Yes
    Running Humidity <90%

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