L Type Positioner

L Type Positioner

Programmable external axes, rotating to turn work-piece to best welding position for best welding effect

Robot external axes, programmable, matching with robot. Servo motor drives reducer by special no-gap gear driving technology.




Small Rotary
Max. Speed 63°/sec 42°/sec. 20°/sec.
Payload 1000 kg 2500 kg 5000 kg
Max. Output Torque 1700 Nm 4300 Nm 12500 Nm
Max. rotary diameter   2600 mm  
Max. Eccentricity 170mm 172mm 250mm
Rotation Angle ±185° ±185° ±185°
Repeatability ±1.5 arc min ±1.5 arc min ±1.5 arc min
Big Rotary
Max. Speed   16°/sec. 12°/sec.
Payload   5000 kg 20000 kg
Max Output Torque   21000 Nm 40000 Nm
Max Rotary Diameter   1380 mm  
Max. Eccentricity   210mm 200mm
Rotation Angle   ±185° ±185°
Repeatability   ±1.5 arc min ±1.5 arc min