HWH Circumferential Seamer(φ>300mm)

HWH Circumferential Seamer(φ>300mm)

The best circumferential seam welding system for small vessel High precision, convenient clamping Single torch or double torches for different welding process

The small-sized circumferential welding system is used for welding vessel diameter less than φ1000mm. It is composed by headstock, tailstock, hydraulic pump, beam, pneumatic bracket, welding trolley, slider, arc protection cover, and controller, etc. The work piece is clamped by adjustable chuck on the headstock; and it can be adjusted to coaxial with the main spindle by means of the ruler on the chuck. The tailstock clamps the work piece by hydraulic pump; When necessary, it can use pneumatic support in the middle of work piece.

  •  Modular design, allowing customizing the welding system according tocustomer requirement;
  •  Suitable for barrel and hydro-cylinder circumferential seam welding;
  •  According to requirement, choose TIG, MIG/MAG welding process, and choose single torch or double
  • torches;
  •  Suitable for various materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy and aluminum alloy
  •  Suitable for pneumatic loading material and hydraulic pushing fixture.



Welding Diameter


Maximum  Welding Length


Rotation Speed


Rotation Motor

Frequency conversion motor

Speed Regulation

Stepless speed regulating

Distance of Hydraulic Pump Movement


Support type


Distance of Slider Vertical Movement


Clutch Type


Distance of Oscillation Slider Movement