Pipe Welding Station

Joint Connection Type Butt to Butt, Angle Joint Circumferencial Seam Welding System
Welding Process TIG、MAG、TIG+MAG、SAW
Material Carbon Steel, Heat Resistant Steel, Low Carbon Steel Alloy, Stainless Steel etc.
Diameter of Pipe Various, Please Check with Company
Length of Pipe Various, Please Check with Company
Application Industry Petrochemical, Ship Building, Oil and Gas etc.


  • Patent open headstock to realize the automatic centering of pipe and fitting; motor-driven clamping; stable rotation; AVC device and monitor system to realize automatic root welding, filling and cap welding
  • The open headstock can avoid axial jumping during the rotation. And as the welding joint is close to the position of clamping, it can also avoid radial jumping during rotation
  • Using stable PLC controller to ensure stable welding system work and reduce the fault rate
  • Modular design for reducing time for designing and producing, beneficial to both production and maintenance
  • Suitable for pipe to flange, pipe to elbow, pipe to tee and other welding types
  • Suitable for angle welding joint, butt welding joint and others
  • Available with standard/non-standard production to meet customers' requirements
  • Combining a logistics system to form an automatic production line.