Food Processing Mechanized Welding

High Precision TIG、Plasma or Plasma + TIG Longitudinal and Circumferential Seam Welding System
Welding Process: TIG/PAW/P+T
Material: Stainless Steel
Diameter: ≤¢3200mm
Length: ≤6500mm
Joint Type: Longitudinal, Butt Joint or Plus In Circumferential Seam


  • The automatic welding system is specially designed for stainless steel application, with Plasma welding process, the key hole penetration effect makes sure one-side welding double-side shaping, as well as higher welding speed and higher welding efficiency
  • Using Plasma + TIG double torches welding at one time, Plasma for root pass at front, TIG for covering pass after, highly improving the welding quality and efficiency, which can reach 1.3~1.5 times the efficiency of single torch welding
  • Mainly for vessels of thin-wall thickness less than and equal to 8mm , there is no need for beveling, it can weld single side with double side shaping; For wall thickness greater than 8mm, a little beveling is needed.
  • With the advantage of key hole penetration, there is no bevel with plate wall thickness of 8mm and below, saving time and money on preparation
  • The energy of arc is much concentrated that the heat effect zone is smaller, thus reducing distortion
  • With the benefit of high efficiency, it can save the time of using plasam by 4~5 times as compared with manual welding
  • Modular design, less modification design and production cycle
  • Huaheng has more than ten years of Plasma application experience in terms of excellent welding process and service ability
  • Turn-key project