Valve Manufacture

Welding System Hard Facing Welding
Welding Process MAG、TIG、PAW、SAW
Material Carbon Steel, Nickel Base Alloy, Stainless Steel
Diameter ¢50-3000mm
Wall Thickness 5mm-100mm
  Valve Manufacture


  • The system is mainly designed for valve and hard facing welding application. According to the welding process, it can adopt MAG, TIG, PAW, SAW; and with regard to the hard facing way, it can be step by step or spiral
  • According to different structure of valves, the fixture and welding methods can be adjusted, in order to have higher welding efficiency and quality
  • Driving by step or AC servo motors, high precision
  • Arc Voltage Control(AVC) and oscillation functions for TIG and PLASMA welding process. According to customer requirement, seam tracking and monitor are optional
  • Touch screen interface, programmable welding parameters, easy-to-operate, and very stable controller
  • Huaheng has more than ten years of Plasma application experience in terms of excellent welding process and service ability
  • Turn-key project