Composite Board Manufacture

Welding System Sheet to Sheet Seam Welding System
Welding Process P/T,P+T
Material Stainless Steel and other Alloys
Length ≤10000mm
Wall Thickness 3-10mm
Application Industry Composite Board Manufacture


  • The specially-designed sheet to sheet longitudinal seam welding system, with single plasma torch or plasma and TIG torches, can perfectly solve issues of composite board welding
  • Advantages of plasma welding process, higher welding efficiency, better quality, less workpiece distortion
  • There is no wire feeding and bevel on sheet for welding wall thickness of 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm; thus reducing the production cost. And even more cost saved by polishing process afterward
  • When the wall thickness is greater 6mm, it is recommended to adopt plasma and TIG welding process, thus even higher welding efficiency,about 30% higher compared with single torch welding
  • Huaheng has more than ten years of Plasma application experience in terms of excellent welding process and service ability
  • Turn-key project

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