Hydraulic Hose By Orbital Welding

The system of GTX53 and 408 specially-designed for hydraulic welding power is widely used in hydraulic hose on hydraulic cylinder in construction machinery industry, and the following is the features:

  • Workpiece categories: different shape of hydraulic hoses, with different neck length
  • Joint type: pipe and flange, pipe and Tee joint butt to butt welding
  • Size of Workpiece: Diameter Φ12 - Φ63mm,wall thickness:2 - 5.5mm
  • Welding process: TIG horizontal welding, when the wall thickness is 4mm and below, there is no need of bevel; when the wall thickness is over 4mm, then it needs bevel and wire feeding; the bevel angle is 25 - 37 degree
  • Testing standard: oil pressure testing